Eclair Fifi - Radio 1's Essential Mix


Spotify Playlist
# Track Artist Label
1 Tantalize Love Letters
2 Need This Tom Trago & Bok Bok
3 DOLO NOCERA [Max Dunbar Remix] Nocera
4 That Break [No Tan Break Mix] Z@P
5 Like Any Other Bitch [A Woman’s Point Of View] [Psycho Sex Mix] Ms. Monique Renee
6 Hug Yourself [Butter Sessions] Polito
7 Pyramidine 1.1 [John Audette Remix] Obscene Mannequin
8 Woman of Angels [Whiskey A Go-Go Mix] Brutal Bill
9 Nothing Crazy AceMoma
10 Audiomess Cliff Lothar
11 Unreleased Kapitan
12 Duck Walk Tony b!
13 Bite & Scratch [Blake Baxter remix] Cristian Vogel
14 Playmobile 2 Lanes
15 Planetary Spirit Photonz
16 Twin Gods Ian Pooley
17 Boodie Chasers [Dexter edit] Dexter & Bass-A-Rani
18 Gravity [The Bunker New York] Wata Igarashi
19 Random Fast [Ultratubes remix] Ultratubes
20 Shake It Cromby
21 Circuit Sex The Blunted Boy Wonder
22 We Continue Kerrie
23 Horses In The Back KIMIKO
24 Racer [Speed Freak Mix] Cromby
25 Frozen [Dave Angel Remix] Robert Armani
26 The Green Room Norman
27 Adequate Force [Ilian Tape] Stenny
28 I’m Gonna Dist You Right Now Fear-E
29 Inssomniak [Lagoa Extreme mix] DJPC
30 Fore Runner Natural Born Grooves
31 Messenger Secret State
32 Who Asked You Mall Grab
33 Got No Reason Soltera
34 Alarm Call Secret Studio ft. Kink
35 Do It Like That Tony b!
36 Sluga Bodin
37 Warped Jasper James
38 Barred Entry James Bangura
39 Untitled Side B SW37
40 I Love it Franke Bones
41 Don’t Be Shy, You’re So Lovely Gary Martin
42 Le Souffle Court DC Salas
43 Adventure Eleanor Academia
44 No Heartbreaks Etat Solide ft Zoey
45 Vision In Osaka FP-Oner