Kings of the Rollers - Radio 1's Essential Mix


Spotify Playlist
# Track Artist Label
1 Load Up (feat. Sweetie Irie) Voltage DSB.
2 Down I Go Kings of the Rollers Hospital Records.
3 Voice Notes Voltage Low Down Deep.
4 Raggamuffin (Potential Badboy Remix) Shy FX Culture.
5 Tennis Mozey Souped Up.
6 Wave Riders Serum Souped Up.
7 Independent Halogenix Critical.
8 Regeneration Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
9 Don't Break It Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
10 Badlands Bladerunner & Nectax Hi Resolution.
11 The Original Certified Bubbler Breakage Index.
12 Anubis Voltage Dub.
13 Jazz Tickles Voltage Co:Lab.
14 Waltzer (Dub) Serum
15 Cash Man VIP D*Minds Souped Up.
16 Destination Jungle (Run) 16? Bladerunner
17 You Should Dance (Bladerunner Remix) Zed Bias ft Inja Biasonic.
18 Light Cycles Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
19 Bad Boy Selection VIP Voltage Ram Records.
20 Go (S.P.Y Remix Delilah Warner.
21 Timebomb VIP Kings of the Rollers Dub.
22 Be True Commix Metalheadz.
23 Ruffest Gun Ark (Bladerunner & DJ Rap Remix) Top Cat
24 P Funk Era Pascal Frontline.
25 Feels Like Heaven Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
26 Dragon Stout (Acuna Remix) Selecta J-Man Born on Road.
27 Take Me Away Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
28 Heaven (Nutone Remix) Emeli Sand‚
29 Spellbound L‐Side V Recordings.
30 Potshot (Voltage Remix) LSB Dub.
31 Hoovers Don't Judge, People Do Kiril ThirtyOne Recordings.
32 Balaclava (Skeptical Remix) Shy FX Culture.
33 Release My Anger Armodine Souped Up.
34 Dark Soldier (Alcemist Remix) Ray Keith Dread.
35 Alpha Benny L Audioporn.
36 Intensity Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
37 Burst Clipz
38 Cylon DJ Fresh & Sigma Breakbeat Kaos.
39 Bonanza Kid (Benny Page Remix) Firefox Philly Blunt.
40 Manic Miner Serum
41 Malibu Sunset Serum
42 Dread Bass (Bladerunner Remix) Dead Dred
43 Come Around Gray Born on Road.
44 You Got Me (S.P.Y Remix VIP 2) Kings of the Rollers Hospital Records.
45 Slide Away Dj Die & Suv V Recordings.
46 Acid Track (Voltage Remix) Dillinja Valve.
47 Bounce to the Beat (Serum Remix) Todd Terry Hospital Records.
48 Musket Skeptical Musket.
49 Rave Machine Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
50 Veteran (Serum Remix) (feat. Trigga) Bou
51 Wa Dada Deng (feat. Uncle Nuts) Potential Bad Boy Dub.
52 Walk Out (feat. Trigga) L‐Side
53 Bad Dis Bad Dat Voltage Dub.
54 Gringo (Alternative Mix) Kings of the Rollers Hospital Records.
55 Toast (Clipz Remix) Koffee
56 Time's Up Watch The Ride Rinse.
57 Whip Slap II Dimension MTA.
58 Staying Up Late Making Music DLR Sofa Sound Bristol.
59 I'm Free (Bladerunner Remix) Class A Dub.
60 Wireless Disrupta V Recordings.
61 Diplodocus (Skeptical Remix) Noisia Vision.
62 Pump It Serum Dub.
63 Rave Alarm Kings of the Rollers Hospital Records.
64 Soul Flava Kings of the Rollers Hospital Records.
65 Entertainer (Bladerunner Remix) Shabba Ranks
66 Most Uplifting (Bladerunner Remix) DJ Ham Kniteforce Records.
67 Yes Yes (Bladerunner Remix) Ray Keith
68 Slow Down Break & DJ Die Symmetry.
69 Lickshots for Headtops Breakage Index.
70 IDK YAANO Overview.
71 Crusty T>I Souped Up.
72 Rave Eyes Bladerunner & Inja Hi Resolution.
73 Who We Are Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
74 Unfinished Sympathy (Bladerunner Remix) Massive Attack
75 Circles (Pola & Bryson Remix) Adam F
76 Spinning Method (Hedex Remix) DJ Guv
77 Don't Know Why Serum & Voltage Low Down Deep.
78 When The Dreams Are Over Hazard Playaz.
79 Round Ere Motionz D-Stortion Records.
80 Speedball Serum Souped Up.
81 Feels Good (Bladerunner Remix) Vibes & Wishdokta
82 War Dub Bladerunner Hi Resolution.
83 Hard Goin VIP (Dub) Voltage
84 Break It Down Serum & Bladerunner Low Down Deep.
85 Wreck The Gaff Serum Dub.
86 Knock Ya Block Off Mozey Souped Up.
87 In My Soul Bladerunner & Eden Hi Resolution.
88 Powerline Skantia Ram Records.
89 Serengeti (Dub) Kings of the Rollers
90 Angel (Dub) Kings of the Rollers
91 Brain Eaters DLR Souped Up.
92 Somewhere Else (Serum Remix) Paul T & Edward Oberon V Recordings.
93 Shade (feat. Jakes) TC
94 Untitled (feat. MC Bassman) L‐Side Dub.
95 Kill Another Soundboy (feat. David Boomah) Voltage DSB.
96 Amazing (feat. Agent Sasco) Voltage & Shy FX DSB.
97 Mixup (feat. Inqus) Chimpo V Recordings.
98 Mash Up The Dance (Kings of the Rollers VIP) (feat. Nia Archives) Watch The Ride Rinse.
99 Listen Good (feat. MC Moose) Taxman Playaz.
100 Program (feat. IRah) Chase & Status EMI.
101 Reebok Classics (feat. Chimpo) Voltage DSB.
102 Overload (feat. Sweetie Irie) Kings of the Rollers Hospital Records.
103 Style and Pattern (feat. Yung Saber) Kings of the Rollers Hospital Records.
104 Kill Sound T>I & D*Minds