Chippy Nonstop - Radio 1's Essential Mix


Spotify Playlist
# Track Artist Label
1 Atom Heart U.R. Trax trip recordings.
2 I Got Bored dj genderfluid Wet Trax.
3 Cold Sweat Raven Rekids.
4 OMG Nene H BPitch.
5 Paris, Texas Alex Wilcox & Anetha Mama Told Ya.
6 'Nother Club MëLL
7 Unknown Title Unknown
8 That's Hot Duty Paid 3686953 Records DK.
9 Woo Alex Wilcox trip recordings.
10 Pop That Thang Dipitlow Freak
11 Me & You John Mood
13 Losing the Plot WTCHCRFT It's All Your Fault.
14 Teletubbybebe Rebekah
15 Objket Of My Desire Kollision
16 Reality Ellen Allien BPitch Control.
17 Pressure Callum Magnum Bpitch.
18 Make You Scream VTSS Ninja Tune.
20 Candy (Anetha Remix) Rosalia
21 Desatado Pelada
22 Jungle Techno Gresha Lab Symphonies.
23 Acidez Sui Mata & Amor Satyr HARDLINE.
24 Meet Her At The Love Parade (SL8R Jungle Refix) Da Hool
25 In Da Ghetto (R3dX Jungle Refix) Skrillex
26 Toxic (Annca & Moonaddict Bootleg) Britney Spears
27 Baina (Camoufly Edit) Nia Archives
28 Booyka Refix Jamin Nimjah
29 Mash Up The Dance Watch The Ride & Nia Archives Rinse.
30 Monkey Business (VIP Mix) Tungo Tungo Records.
31 Sinas Bianca Oblivion & ONHELL
32 Extreme Music Underlord
33 La Posesyon Debby Friday
34 Nowadays Bored Lord
35 x04 Has Escaped Estoc & Syn
36 Push Push Anetha & Mac Declos Mama Told Ya.
37 Bump it xo Franck & Aisha Carouse.
38 Fergalicious (Aurel x Flaws Trance Rave Interpretation) Fergie
39 Azealia Is So Fierce Yazzus
40 HOT Rivermoon & Mani Dee
41 Incredibly Annoying (Safety Trance Remix) VTSS
42 Unknown Title Nene H
43 Sleep Paralysis Alex Wilcox Alex Wilcox.
44 Don't Play 033 Tour Ikemoto
45 Check It Out Bored Lord Bored Lord.
46 YES 2 Heaven (sim0ne & Melo Nada Remix) Lana Del Rey Polydor Records.
47 Better off Alone UNIIQU3